PC part picker

PC part picker

PC Part Picker is a popular online platform that assists users in selecting and building custom PC configurations. It provides tools for selecting compatible components, checking prices from various retailers, and sharing build lists with the community. Here's an overview of how you can use PCPartPicker:

How to Use PCPartPicker:

  1. Visit the Website:

  2. Create an Account:

    • While you can browse parts without an account, creating one allows you to save and share your build lists.

  3. Choose Components:

    • Start by selecting the components you want for your PC build. You can choose from CPUs, GPUs, motherboards, memory, storage, cases, power supplies, and more.

  4. Compatibility Check:

    • PCPartPicker automatically checks the compatibility of the selected components to ensure they work together.

  5. Build List:

    • As you add components, PCPartPicker creates a build list, showing details like prices, ratings, and compatibility notes.

  6. Price Tracking:

    • PCPartPicker fetches prices from various retailers, helping you find the best deals for your selected components.

  7. Select Retailers:

    • You can choose your preferred retailers, and PCPartPicker will show prices from those specific sources.

  8. Community and Reviews:

    • Explore the PCPartPicker community to see other builds, get advice, and read reviews about specific components.

  9. Save and Share:

    • Save your build list, and PCPartPicker generates a unique URL that you can share with others for advice or feedback.

  10. Complete Build Guide:

    • PCPartPicker includes a complete build guide that provides step-by-step instructions on assembling your selected components.

  11. Compatibility Notes:

    • PCPartPicker provides compatibility notes and warnings, helping you avoid potential issues with your build.

  12. Price Tracking and Alerts:

    • Set price alerts to be notified when the price of a specific component drops.

  13. Export to Reddit:

    • PCPartPicker allows you to export your build to a Reddit-friendly format, making it easy to share your build on Reddit for community feedback.

  14. PCPartPicker simplifies the process of building a custom PC by providing a comprehensive and user-friendly platform. Keep in mind that prices and availability are subject to change, and it's a good practice to verify them on the respective retailer websites before making a purchase.

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