Technologies that will shake the year 2024

Technologies that will shake the year 2024

Technology is a very fast-evolving and developing world. New technologies are constantly coming. Besides, the use of existing technologies is constantly increasing as new application areas are created. Among these are some technologies that can be said to represent the year 2024. A few such technologies are discussed.

Generative AI

1. Generative AI

From the end of 2022, the journey of artificial intelligence (AI) began. Since its inception, it can be said that it has made quite a big impact in the world of technology. This year too it will occupy a leading place. In addition to the large language models, there will also be small, low-cost language models. The combination of data and generative AI models will create an irresistible platform. It will be widely used in various business establishments. It will work without experienced technical experts in organizations. In the far future it will lead to interconnected network model design and AI will be finely adept at each task.

Quantum technology

2. Quantum technology

Currently, there is a cyber competition going on, where increasing the power of the computer is an important task. Currently AI and machine learning are working together against cyber threats. The problem is, that with the advancement of quantum computing comes a new threat. As it develops, encryption standards like RSA and ECC will no longer be useful. Quantum-resistant algorithms will become essential for data privacy and security in the future. This year, America's National Institute of Standards and Technology will develop a standard for post-quantum cryptography, i.e. encryption algorithms, which can resist quantum attacks. In other words, quantum computers will lead to a major evolution in global cyber security.


3. Semiconductor

Semiconductors are key tools for digital transformation. According to Moore's formula, every two years the computing power of microchips doubles, and the price halves. However, this formula has practical and financial limitations. Currently, the semiconductor industry is on the cusp of its transformation. This year various factors will come to a flat position. Two nanometer chips will come. The size of the transistor will be just a few molecules. All in all, there will be an evolution of Moore's formula. The world of three-dimensional chips could begin as chips reach an extreme limit of miniaturization. In addition, materials science and new forms of lithography can greatly increase computing power.


4. Battery

Increasing the capacity and reducing the cost of batteries is an important issue for both public and private organizations. Increasing the sustainability of electric mobility and energy storage is the main objective of the present time. Smart grids and renewables have a hard time dealing with this. In this case, Lithium Ferro-Phosphate or LFP and Nickel Manganese Cobalt or NMC would become an ideal solution for vehicles. Many battery chemistry technologies will arrive this year. For example, cobalt-free (sodium-ion) or solid-state batteries, etc. In other words, there will be a big change in batteries in the case of electric vehicles. Because the car needs a very high-capacity battery. And its price will be lower than the traditional battery. Dependence on some basic materials in making batteries will also decrease this year. For example, lithium, nickel, cobalt, rare natural minerals, and graphite. Also, the batteries will be safe and long-lasting.

Space technology

5. Space technology

This year, mankind will prepare to return to the moon. This renewed interest in space will accelerate new scientific discoveries and solve many of Earth's most pressing problems. There will also be changes in meteorological hazards, and further advances in telecommunications, defense, and sovereignty. The task of space travel is not only for the government, this time private organizations will also take part in it. Some big technologies like 5-G, modern satellite systems, big data, and quantum computing will be very useful in this regard.

Apart from these technologies, there are some other long-term technologies, which will make a special contribution to change the entire world in the next five years. eg, low-carbon hydrogen. Hydrogen is an environmentally friendly fuel. Because it only needs to burn water to produce it. Next is carbon capture technology. In the future, carbon emissions from heavy industries will be significantly reduced through new technologies. Then synthetic biology will be discussed. This has become an important issue since the recent COVID-19 attack. Through this, the vaccine will be developed much faster. Synthetic biology will bring together biology, engineering, computer science, and biotechnology, dramatically advancing medicine, agriculture, and environmental sustainability.

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