The first time AI Baby Created in the world


AI baby is created for the first time in the world

Chinese scientists have created the world's first AI (artificial intelligence) baby. A group of Chinese scientists have claimed that they have created an AI baby that has the abilities and behaviors of a three- to four-year-old human child.

Named Tong Tong or Little Girl in Chinese, the creation of the world's first AI baby is considered a major step towards AGI (Artificial General Intelligence). Chinese scientists unveil their creations at Frontiers, a general artificial intelligence technology exhibition.

According to the report, this innovative AI model is capable of self-learning and can also exhibit a level of emotional connection, which has not been seen in any AI development before. Creators at the Beijing Institute for General Artificial Intelligence say Tongtong, or Little Girl, is constantly improving its skills and cognitive abilities by interacting with humans. Source: JN.

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